The Orangery at the Arboretum

Celebrating 175 years of the Derby Arboretum

The Derby Arboretum, a park of eleven acres at the heart of the city, is celebrating its 175th year as a public park. Opened in 1840 as a gift from local entrepreneurial mill owner, Joseph Strutt; the arboretum was the first park to be owned by the public as well as open to them, and remains property of Derby City Council. Its influence spread not only throughout Britain, but across the Atlantic, inspiring the design of Central Park in New York.

The Arboretum

The Arboretum

Boar statue

Boar statue

Derby Arboretum banner

Derby Arboretum banner

To mark the occasion of this anniversary there will be exhibitions within the park, including a large photographic display of life sized Victorian Ghosts, created by Howard Johnson, showing the history of the park, and a trail of well dressings crafted by Spiral Arts, at the Quad throughout this week. If you would like to help make a well dressing, a traditional decorative mural made of flower petals, you can attend any of Quads drop in sessions over the course of the week.

Exhibition in the Orangery

Exhibition in the Orangery

Monday 22nd June, 11am – 3pm

Tuesday 23rd June, 11am – 12pm

Wed  24th June, 2pm – 4pm

Friday 26th June, 2pm – 4pm

The trail will be launched at Derby Arboretum Park Saturday 27th June, 11am. The Ghost exhibition will be displayed in and around the orangery until the 27th.


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