Interview with Colin Baker

Comic Con at Hull University

Mini Colin Baker

Mini Colin Baker

This year the Hull Comic Con was held in the university night club, which must have made the logistics of the event extra challenging. If the dance pit wasn’t a problem the lights certainly were; the venue was very dark, with limited lighting, which meant the stall holders had to move their tables forward a foot, cutting off valuable space for con goers to peruse from. Everyone made the best of the situation though, and squeezed on through.

In the pit there were a number of tables set up with vintage games, allowing people to pick up a controller and give the classics a go. There was also a comic book stall, a 3D printer in progress, and Kate Russel selling her book, Elite Dangerous: Mostly Harmless. Climbing out of the pit and walking the edge of the room the stalls had a variety of pop culture merchandise; with Lego jewellery, Star Wars lamps and super hero T-shirts aplenty. There were also artists working and selling in this area, some of them giving a live painting demonstration.

Flimsy: agony aunt, wine connoisseur and love expert

Flimsy: agony aunt, wine connoisseur and love expert

In a room off the side of the one just described, talks were being held. This included an artist panel, a book reading from Kate Russel and an interview with Colin Baker, the 6th Dr Who. From these talks I discovered a blue, agony aunt kitten called Flimsy, how to run a Kickstarter campaign, and Colin Baker really doesn’t like the F word. That’s F for favorite by the way.

Overall a fun day out was had by all.


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