Feste 2015: Danbor Talka – Le Choc de Tamb

Danbor Talka, Le Choc de Tamb, was the finale for this years Feste on Saturday night, and the headline act for the festival. It was an extravaganza of drumming and synchronised pyrotechnics that ended Feste with an even greater bang than it began with. THE END. BOOM!

Before going onto the stage, the band of percussionists walked through the crowd as they played, stopping here and there to make sure everyone got a good close look at them. With their faces painted like skulls and the aggressive attitude of their drumming, it was quite intimidating to be so close.

Once they were on stage the fireworks started. Really intense fireworks, with belches of smoke rising behind the stage, the bangs timed with the precision of drumbeats. One drummer appeared to use a flare to hit a cymbal, how they could still breathe I don’t know. By the halfway point in the performance the air was thick with smoke and ash was falling into our eyes and on onto our heads. Unfortunately this did distract from the show a bit, as we were concerned about catching fire.

However if you were looking for a way to party at the end of the world I think this would be it. Might as well go out with a bang.


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