Underground by Motion House

Feste 2015: Underground

Underground by Motion House was an acrobatic show performed on what I can best describe as a box shaped piece of scaffolding. At the start of the performance the structure was wrapped with cling film, which was meant to represent walls. The dancers began the piece inside, trapped. Two manage to escape and eventually they tear the walls away. Freedom!

Underground: acrobatics

Acrobatic dance piece

They also began with gas masks, after throwing them away they became more intense, fighting each other, until a burst of flowers, from a laptop bag they are squabbling over, returns them to their senses. They put the masks back on and became subdued. Then each dancer picked up a flower and gave it to a child in the audience. One foolishly exchanged a little girls doll for one of the flowers as a joke, walking off into the crowd. Safe to say there were tears, even when dolly got returned.

The show was meant to represent train travel, and in some ways I can see that; the container did resemble a train carriage, but personally I’m quite happy travelling inside the train instead of on the roof or swinging through the windows. To me it felt more post apocalyptic, as if coping with atomic fallout, or not coping, and trying to survive in a world of emptiness and desolation.

acrobatic dance

Underground: always hanging around


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