Cromford Mill needs more volunteers

Volunteers%20at%20Cromford%20Mills%20enjoying%20talking%20to%20visitorsCromford Mills is counting down to the unveiling of its breathtaking new northern ‘visitor gateway’ attraction on February 1 and is putting a call out for people to fulfil the last remaining volunteer roles.

The heritage attraction is set to become a designated starting point for the whole of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site – the 15 mile stretch of historical mill complexes and industrial landscape that snakes through the stunning Derbyshire countryside to its southern most attractions, the Derby Silk Mill and Joseph Wright Gallery.

The state-of-the-art information hub will be housed on the ground floor of the attraction’s new, four-storey Cromford Creative business centre.

Volunteers will fulfil a number of exciting roles within the new northern ‘gateway’ centre and it will be their job to tell visitors precisely what there is to see and do at each of the 17 designated sites contained within “the valley…

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